September 27, 2016 Meeting

Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association Board Meeting
September 27, 2016

7.15 pm to 9.05 pm

6157 Avocet Ct Dublin OH 43017


Steve McElroy, President
Greg Waina, Treasurer
Todd Garwick, City of Dublin
Raj Govindaraj, Secretary
Suzanna Farver, Communications Committee Nancy Waina, Welcome Committee

Rick & Theresa Jeric, Adam Davis
Terry Moran
Nicole Lietz

Joe Vacari, Landscape Committee Elaine Borgerding, Social Committee

  1. Steve McElroy called the meeting to order after allowing time for refreshments
  2. All acts of the board occurring prior to the meeting were discussed, approved and ratified. The board further voted to defend and indemnify the members of the board for all prior acts.
  3. The minutes from the previous meeting were reaffirmed and approved by the officers.
  4. Guest Washington Township Fire Department: Mr. _________________ from the Washington Twp Fire Department gave an extensive presentation on the services that the department provides to the residents of Dublin, OH. The biggest reason he engages in presentations such as these was that most Home Owner Association did not know how much the Fire Department can support the residents with not only fire related but also Emergency Medical assistance. He also spoke at length about the resources that are available to fight the opioid crisis and referred us to their website which has a lot of useful information for the residents. The website is ________________. Suzanna Farver mentioned she will include this information in her next broadcast to the homeowners.
  1. Landscape Committee Report
    Joe Vaccari gave a summary of the various activities with respect to –
    1. Jacana Drive Water Meter
    2. Jacana Drive Electric
    3. Water backflow testing
    4. Design work and Substantial shrubs for Avery and Brand
    5. Fall cleanup – All T ask
  2. 2017 Mailbox staining and maintenance program – The committee members discussed the pros and cons of instituting a mailbox staining and periodic maintenance program. The main discussion was around the cost of the program. Since the cost was expected to be material, Steve McElroy suggested and the members agreed that there was a need to have a separate sub-committee for this program.
  3. Social Committee Report – Elaine Borgerding provided a recap of Sunny 105 Neighborhood Party and said that it had a very positive reception among the home owners. There was consensus that more such programs be conducted periodically. Elaine also wanted expansion of new members in the social committee and the board members agreed to look for more volunteers in the committee.
  4. Welcome Committee Report – Nancy Waina stated that due to her shoulder surgery she was behind on sending out welcome message package to 9 new residents and wanted a second member on the committee to help her with completing the task. Many residents who were present offered to help. Nancy will reach out to one of them and take their assistance.
  5. Neighborhood Directory -Suzanna mentioned that this project has been delayed. She has not heard back from the Advertisement coordinator and she will contact her again. Steve said he has bought the front page and Joe Vaccari offered to buy a spot. Suzanna will also find out the raw cost of printing the directory in case we are short of offsetting advertisement revenue.
  6. 2017 Board Participation – Steve McElroy brought up the issue of 2017 board participation or the lack thereof and suggested each board member look for their replacement in case they wish to.
  7. Financial matters
    1. Disbursements of Funds for Water Project – Greg Waina proposed that a sum of $ ______ be disbursed towards the water project at Jacana and Avery. Steve seconded the motion and it was unanimously adopted by a show of hands.
    2. Treasurer’s report – Greg Waina released the August 2016 financials. There were no significant matters of concern.

12. Next Board Meeting – The next meeting was decided as Tuesday, December 6th 2016. 13. Having no other unfinished business on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned.