Welcome to Dublin OH's

Hawk's Nest
Homeowners Association

Welcome to Hawk's Nest Homeowners Association

Welcome to Hawk’s Nest Neighborhood HOA, nestled in the beautiful Columbus suburb of Dublin, OH. Explore our community and discover the charm and warmth of our neighborhood. Here, you’ll find all the essential information about neighborhood dues, exciting events, and easy access to our code of regulations. Join us in celebrating the wonderful community that makes Hawk’s Nest a truly special place to call home.

Neighborhood Association Dues

Our dues are $175/year due by March 1st. 

Dues should be mailed to:
HNHA, P.O. Box 4065, Dublin, OH 43016

Late fees are charged at $25 a month for each month dues are delinquent.

Please contact our Treasurer with any questions.

If you’re new to the neighborhood please contact us at hawksnestdublin@yahoo.com and give us your information so that you may be added to our neighborhood communications database.

Hawk's Nest Neighborhood

Board of Trustees

As of January 2024

Please note all of these are volunteer positions.

President – Bharat Krishnan, 202-805-0911, bharatkrishnan1213@gmail.com

Vice President – Bethany Gehring, 614-940-8049‬, bgardner25@hotmail.com

Treasurer – John Aman, 614-554-0733, john_aman@att.net

Secretary – Laura Bagozzi, 614-738-8324, laurabagozzi@gmail.com

Landscape Committee Chair – Jeff Bennett, 614-940-7850, coachjbennett@yahoo.com

Communications Chair – Suzanna Farver, 510-387-1452, Ldyboyd2@yahoo.com

If you are interested in learning more about events or making suggestions, please contact the current Vice President of the Board of Trustees.