Welcome to Dublin OH's

Hawk's Nest
Homeowners Association

Welcome to Hawk's Nest Homeowners Association

Welcome to Hawk’s Nest Neighborhood HOA, nestled in the beautiful Columbus suburb of Dublin, OH. Explore our community and discover the charm and warmth of our neighborhood. Here, you’ll find all the essential information about neighborhood dues, exciting events, and easy access to our code of regulations. Join us in celebrating the wonderful community that makes Hawk’s Nest a truly special place to call home.

Neighborhood Association Dues

Our dues are $175/year due by March 1st. 

Dues should be mailed to:
HNHA, P.O. Box 4065, Dublin, OH 43016

Late fees are charged at $25 a month for each month dues are delinquent.

Please contact our Treasurer with any questions.


Stay updated on all our neighborhood events throughout the year! Exact event dates will be announced as each event approaches. Please contact hawksnestdublin@yahoo.com with any questions on upcoming events.

Upcoming Events:

  • Annual Homeowner’s Association Meeting – April 4, 2024 – 7:00 PM
  • Spring Fling at the Park – May 14, 2024 – 5:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Neighborhood Garage Sale – July 26 – 27, 2024
  • Pizza in the Park – October 31, 2024 – 4:30 – 6:00 PM

Annual Meeting

The Annual Homeowners Board Meeting is held during the 1st quarter of the year and all are welcome to attend. Look for announcements via email and Nextdoor.com.

Family Picnic

Join us for the Annual Family Picnic, our biggest event of the year! Enjoy food provided by the HOA and bring a dish to share. There will be activities and games for kids.

Egg Hunt

We host an egg hunt at the park, weather permitting, in the spring just before the Easter holiday.

Garage Sale

Join in for our Late Spring/Early Summer Neighborhood Garage Sale! We'll organize it if there's enough interest.

Ice Cream Social

Join us for our Summer Ice Cream Social! Cool off with delicious ice cream and connect with your neighbors.

Pizza Party

Join us for a Halloween Pizza Party before trick-or-treating! Don't worry about dinner on this exciting night—enjoy delicious pizza with your neighbors.

Code of Regulations

These documents provide valuable information about our community's rules and guidelines. Click on the links below to access each document.

If you’re new to the neighborhood please contact us at hawksnestdublin@yahoo.com and give us your information so that you may be added to our neighborhood communications database.

Hawk's Nest Neighborhood

Mailbox Information

Who is responsible for our neighborhood mailboxes?
The HOA is responsible for the neighborhood mailboxes.  Please send an email to: Hawksnestdublin@yahoo.com to request a new mailbox or if you need stain, numbers or a flag.  The HOA will try and take care of your request as soon as they are able.

The HNHA will cover & provide for replacement and maintenance due to routine wear and tear.  Generally we would not expect a mailbox to need significant repair or replacement due to routine wear and tear more frequently than once every  years.

Can I replace my mailbox with another type?
No. You must contact the manufacturer, Cedar Craft and ask for the Duffy style. The mailboxes in Hawk’s Nest were chosen by the developer. They are covered by our subdivision’s Code of Regulations:

Section 12.1 Mailboxes
In order to maintain the original character and appearance of Hawk’s Nest as intended and implemented by the Developer, all mailboxes, wood trim surrounding mailboxes, and mailbox posts within Hawk’s Nest shall be of uniform design and construction, and mailboxes and mailbox posts shall have uniform exterior stain. Likewise, all mailboxes shall display the street number of the home associated with its use and such numbers shall be of uniform font, color and size.

If your mailbox needs replacing or new parts you must contact the manufacturer: Cedar Craft (759-1600). Costs for replacement are the responsibility of each homeowner. Each year we contact Cedar Craft in order to get a neighborhood special price on replacement parts. You can find the current specials under the mailbox tab on our neighborhood website: www.hawksnestdublin.org

What if my mailbox was hit by a snowplow?
Please contact the City of Dublin for replacement. They will replace with the correct model.

What if I need to replace the numbers on my box?
The numbers we use on our mailboxes are not sold locally so HNHA volunteers stock them. If you have a missing or broken number please send an e-mail to hawksnestdublin@yahoo.com letting them know what numbers you need and they will be replaced at no charge to the homeowner.

What if my mailbox flag needs replacing?
These are also stocked by HNHA volunteers. If you are in need of a replacement flag, please send an e-mail to hawksnestdublin@yahoo.com letting them know and the flag will be replaced at no charge to the homeowner.

What if my mailbox needs staining?
As a courtesy to our homeowners, the mailboxes are stained every other year by the association. This is at no additional charge to the homeowners as it is part of the association’s budget. Should you need to stain your mailbox on a year the association isn’t staining please contact hawksnestdublin@yahoo.com to obtain a quart of stain. If you would like to own your very own gallon of mailbox stain you can purchase it from the Creative Paints on Post Road, asking for the Hawk’s Nest mailbox” stain.

Board of Trustees

As of January 2024

Please note all of these are volunteer positions.

President – Bharat Krishnan, 202-805-0911, bharatkrishnan1213@gmail.com

Vice President – Bethany Gehring, 614-940-8049‬, bgardner25@hotmail.com

Treasurer – John Aman, 614-554-0733, john_aman@att.net

Secretary – Laura Bagozzi, 614-738-8324, laurabagozzi@gmail.com

Landscape Committee Chair – Jeff Bennett, 614-940-7850, coachjbennett@yahoo.com

Communications Chair – Suzanna Farver, 510-387-1452, Ldyboyd2@yahoo.com

If you are interested in learning more about events or making suggestions, please contact the current Vice President of the Board of Trustees.