February 27, 2019 Annual Board Meeting

Hawks Nest Homeowners Association Annual Meeting

February 27th 2019 6.00 PM (Home of Greg & Nancy Waina, 6157 Avocet Ct.)

Minutes of the meeting

In attendance – Greg Waina, John Amman, Matt Riggs, Suzanna Farver, and Raj Govindaraj

  1. 1.)  First motion was to adopt the measures discussed in the previous meeting. Greg proposed that the motion be adopted. Matt seconded and all present were in favor. There were no dissensions.
  2. 2.)  December 4, 2018 Minutes of the meeting were presented verbally and a vote approving this was recorded.
  3. 3.)  Slate of Officers to be approved. Matt mentioned that nobody was a write-in for any of the officer’s positions and therefore in the absence of anyone else the current officers are certified for 2019.
  4. 4.)  The 2019 Financial Budget was presented by Matt and a vote approving this was recorded
  5. 5.)  Greg mentioned that a landscape committee volunteer was still needed. John enquired about the duties the position would be involved in. Greg replied that the main tasks were to talk to vendors, coordinate if there are any issues, for e.g. Christmas lights not working etc. The task then is to call the vendor, and have it taken care of. Typically, the position has been filled by homeowners who are in tune with what’s going on in the neighborhood. Essentially it was agreed that till such time as we get a landscape chair, if we see something, we should email it to a general email address hawksnestdublin@yahoo.com.
  6. 6.)  On the matter of Jacana Entrance beautification, Steve & Greg met with alternative electricity source proposed by Suburban Irrigation who have a battery-operated system. We should receive an official quote by April 15. Only other option is to cover the big box which was mandated by City of Columbus. Suzanna enquired if it could have been placed somewhere else. Greg replied that if we knew that we could have asked the to put somewhere else. Rules changed over time.
  7. 7.)  On the matter of the State of City address by City Manager Dana McDaniel on March 7, 2019 – Suzanna will communicate more about this to the Hawk’s Nest Community and more extensive information is on the website.
  8. 8.)  On the matter of Cyber liability coverage – Matt Riggs to continue to look for Cyber Liability coverage but we got denied by Travelers; John asked about when we don’t have a server what is the policy that they think that the board needs. Matt responded that for insurance they have a high risk because in a Home owners association situation there’s a lack of central policies,

machines etc. There was discussion among the members about risk. John asked if we have full birthdays listed in the directories. Suzanna responded that no information on this on the directory. We have the kid names and we have people for dog walking and pet sitting which are minors and we don’t know if we want to keep this. Greg mentioned that children’s names are public so we don’t think that should be a problem.

9.) On the matter of HNHOA annual directory – Suzanna mentioned that she is thinking about cleaning up the information and starting fresh. Matt mentioned that’s good because if one is not interested in signing up that they should not be in the database. Greg asked if there was anything else on matter of the directory. Suzanna replied that we are going to hire out 300 dollars or less for 250 directories. Suzanna mentioned that we have someone who may want to place an ad and/or sponsor the directory. Rob Humphrey who has a business called Junk Luggers definitely wants to advertise in the directory and could sponsor it also.

10.)On the matter of fallen trees in the inner circle wooded area – Suzanna mentioned that someone contacted her that in inner oval a number of trees have fallen due to high winds and whose responsibility is it when a tree is leaning precariously on to another homeowner’s property. Is the City or the builders responsible? The answer is no, it is the property owner on whose premises the tree is situated who has to take care. Greg mentioned that Claudia Husak at the City office may have some insights because it could be a conservatory easement. Also, Paula Chope from the City can look at all your trees and advise you how to prune advise etc. Greg Waina asked if we should look at all the homes as a neighborhood conservation effort and put together a long-term strategy and educating the homeowners. No action was taken at this time.

11.)The board discussed other items such as Sustainability advisory meetings, Citizens University and the BWell Event at the Dublin City schools.

There being no other item on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned.