March 17, 2018 Annual Board Meeting


March 7, 2018 7:00 PM at the Home of Greg & Nancy Waina, 6157 Avocet Ct. MINUTES OF THE MEETING

Present :

Greg Waina, Vice President
Suzanna Farver, Communications Chair Nancy Waina, Welcome Committee Lead Raj Govindaraj, Secretary
Matt Riggs, Treasurer

  1. 1.)  Approval of Prior Actions – Greg Waina proposed that all actions from prior meetings be approved. Matt Riggs seconded the motion. All present were in favor and the motion was adopted.
  2. 2.)  Annual Elections – The Association office bearers discussed the modality of sending out the ballot along with the Annual Dues notice. It was determined that this method was acceptable as there were many ballots that were turned in and as such no change in this method was required. It was also noted that there were 2 write ins for John Aman as Vice President. Considering the need for more volunteers to take board positions, it was deemed highly likely that we could induct him into the board. Matt Riggs will send the final counts by Friday or over the weekend.
  3. 3.)  Presentation of the 2017 Annual Report and the Approval of 2018 Budget – Matt Riggs presented the five-year actuals from 2014 to 2017 and a proposed 2018 budget. The members went through the actuals and did not find any items that were extraordinary. The proposed annual budget was also discussed in detail and compared with the previous year’s actuals. It was agreed that the budget for mailbox refurbishment needs to be evaluated further as the initial quote was only for labor. There was a unanimous decision to increase the budget from $4,000 to $14,000 in 2018 and the overall budget deficit of $16,800 was put forward for approval. Matt Riggs proposed the approval and Greg Waina seconded the motion. All present were in favor and the motion was adopted.
  4. 4.)  Discussion of Landscape report
    1. Mailbox – In order to get more information on the status and further plans of the Mailbox maintenance and staining project, the board members decided that it was essential to have Steve McElroy set up a meeting with the provider. No dates were finalized at this meeting.
    2. Holiday Lights – There was a discussion of issues faced in the previous year and the members agreed that none of those problems recurred and the installation of Holiday light was successful.

c. Jacana Entrance – The members discussed the water and AEP easement for the Electric & Sprinkler that is slated for April installation. Steve continues to move forward with this.

  1. All spring clean-up and mulch tasks are retained for 2018 and will start soon
  2. Keeping track of previous years recovered lien fees. For tracking purposed it was decided that previous years late fees will be moved into the Recovered late fees line.

The landscape committee report was approved by Greg Waina and Matt Riggs seconded the motion.

  1. 5.)  Website Update – The members discussed the status of Website update. Suzanna Farver agreed to send content update to Mike Strange.
  2. 6.)  Approval of 2018 Meeting & Events Calendar – The following meeting dates were discussed :
  1. Mar 31
  2. May11&12
  3. May 25
  4. September 30
  5. October 31
  6. December 12

Egg Hunt
Garage Sale
Ice Cream Social
Family Picnic
Pizza Party
2019 Board Planning Meeting

The approval of these dates was proposed by Greg Waina and seconded Raj Govindaraj. All present were in favor and the motion was adopted

7.) Help Wanted – The members discussed help needed for a Landscape lead, a Family Picnic Lead and a Pizza Party lead.

There being no other items on the agenda, the meeting was called to a close.