March 15, 2020 Annual Board Meeting

Minutes of Annual Meeting held March 15, 2020 via teleconference

Attendees:  Greg Waina, John Aman, Suzanna Farver, Matt Riggs

  1. Greg Waina, 2019 President, presented the prior actions of the board for approval.  The prior actions were approved unanimously.
  • Matt Riggs, 2019 Treasurer, presented the 2019 annual report (attached as Appendix A).  The report was unanimously approved.
  • Matt Riggs, 2019 Treasurer, presented the 2020 proposed budget (attached as Appendix B).  The board noted that the portion of the budget represented by social events increased from the prior year due to lower proposed spending on other project, but was still under the HNHA Board established 10% cap.  The budget was unanimously approved, pending the addition of a budgeted amount for the Muirfield entrance circuit breaker at item 5a below.
  • Matt Riggs, 2019 Treasurer, presented the 2020 officer ballots, noting that there were no candidates for Vice President, but that there was a volunteer for Landscape Chair (Heather Schucter). The results of the election, as follows, were unanimously approved:
    • 2020 President – Matt Riggs
    • 2020 Vice President- open
    • 2020 Treasurer – John Aman
    • 2020 Secretary – Raj Govindaraj
  • Other Business
    • COVID-19 and neighborhood safety – the board noted that 2020 social events may need to be modified, postponed, or canceled due to public health concerns.  The board noted that each event would be decided upon based on the facts and circumstances in effect that that time.
    • Muirfield Drive circuit breaker – the board noted that the holiday lights caused the circuit breaker at Cormorandt / Muirfield Drive entrance to flip daily.  Greg will contact Suburban Irrigation to obtain a quote to fix the situation.
    • Annual picnic scheduling – Suzanna reserved two trailers from the City of Dubline for August 15th.  The picnic will be contingent on public health concerns and regulations that may exist at that time.
  • Adjournment- the meeting was adjourned with no other matters being brought forward.

Appendix A: 2019 Financial Report

2019 Financial Highlights

  • 207 of 208 Hawk’s Nest homeowners paid their 2018 dues totaling $36,225.
  • The Landscape Committee spent $15,318 on service and maintaining the landscaping of various entrances into our neighborhood, our annual holiday light display, purchasing electric and water service and maintaining the landscaping of various entrances into our neighborhood.
  • The Landscape Committee spent $18,485 to repair or replace the remaining mailboxes in the neighborhood that had not been repaired or replaced in the past two years.
  • The Jacana Road Entrance Project was completed in 2019 for $1,115, bring the total for the project to $26,214.
  • Neighborhood volunteers coordinated the Fall Picnic, Ice Cream Social, Egg Hunt, and Halloween Pizza Party spending $2,400
  • Insurance, administrative and professional services cost homeowners $7,666
  • HNHA began 2019 with a cash balance of $49,296 and ended with $42,069, of which $18,200 is a rainy day operating reserve

Appendix B – 2020 Budget