August 3, 2016 Meeting


Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association Board Meeting
August 3, 2016

7.15 pm to 9.05 pm

6157 Avocet Ct Dublin OH 43017

Steve McElroy, President
Greg Waina, Treasurer
Linda Neale, Welcome Committee member Raj Govindaraj, Secretary
Nancy Waina, Welcome Committee member

  1. Steve McElroy called the meeting to order.
  2. All acts of the board occurring prior to the meeting were discussed, approved and ratified. The board further voted to defend and indemnify the members of the board for all prior acts.
  3. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved by the officers.
  4. The board took up the following agenda items
    1. Discuss revisions to the dues collection process Greg Waina mentioned that only one resident out of the two hundred and eight has not paid the HOA annual dues. Steve McElroy felt that the current language is very punitive and suggested that this be improved.
    2. Jacana Entrance Project It was noted that while the landscape part of the project was complete, there does not exist a watering system to preserve the foliage. Greg Waina proposed to the board that a water service be put in place at an estimated cost of 10,000 that includes capacity charges, meter charges, ROW Permits, Consulting Engineer and Construction. Steve McElroy seconded the proposal and the motion to install a sprinkler system at the northeast corner of Jacana and Avery was approved unanimously.
    3. Committee Needs & Wants for 2017 and beyond It was discussed and decided that we should have a slate of positions / chairs and each officeholder

should select their replacement and the board should identify a chair for each of the four committees – Landscape, Social, Welcome and Communication.

The following was also discussed –

  1. Landscape Nancy Waina pointed out that the Brand Road entrance needs more perennials and annuals. Raj noted that the Christmas Lights budget was small and could easily be doubled to enhance the decor during the holiday season. It was confirmed by Steve McElroy that we could ask the current provider of the service to do so. Nancy also noted that the Ponds in Dublin have not been cleaned and this may be taken up with City of Dublin.
  2. Staining of Mailboxes It was proposed that the committee takes up mailbox staining next year at an estimated cost of $4,300. Steve also proposed that the committee research into the cost of repair of mailboxes, which really is a resident expense. It was noted that this measure needed further discussion due to the potential costs involved and whether it would be a good precedent to set.
  3. Residents Directory Suzanna Farver is getting the Directory ready but the Advertising cost is $2,500-$3,000 and is required to cover printing expenses. Amber Mustafa of N2 Publishing is the person who should be contacted with Advertisement requests.
  4. There were 8 new families over the summer into Hawk’s Nest for the Welcome Committee to send out welcome packets.

d. Increase in committee participation All the participants discussed ways in which participation in the board could be increased. Nancy Waina brought up the idea of participation by rotation. Other ideas discussed was to talk to neighbors and encourage attendance, placing Message Boards well in advance

5. Having no other unfinished business on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned.